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Premium Barbell Pad for Squats

Cresster Barbell Squat Pad - a Must-Have Gadget that will Enhance your Fitness Experience!

  • Safe Barbell Squat Pad for Maximum Comfort and Performance, designed for your workouts at home or at the gym.
  • The Barbell Pad works great for Hip Thrusts, Raises and Extensions, Squats , Heel Elevated Glute Bridges
  • YOU can FOCUS on your workout and stop worrying about the bar digging in to your shoulders & neck!
  • 100% WORTHY INVESTMENT You don’t need to be a pro body builder to enjoy the effects of training!

It is all about the right stuff at the right moment!

Sure you can go ahead and try all of the gym accessories you may need.However, the team at Cresster is always by your side providing the perfect combination of quality materials and tested, rugged pieces that will have you forget you wear them in the first place.

Cresster Promise!

Discipline, a healthy body and quality products.